Orionox combines sophisticated telephony, data and network services all in one set of software modules. This basic model is offered with integrated security.

This system is ideal for communications infrastructure, whether the company is installing their first phone system, or wanting to gain the benefits of IP telephony or wanting t o unify their communication networks.

Orionox solution provides security for VoIP, mobile and multimedia communications, enabling enterprises and operators to protect end-users and network infrastructures from potentially catastrophic attacks like DOS, DDOS, Stealth DOS and misuse or abuse of real-time, session-based protocols.

Being a comprehensive solution, the Orionox is easy to install, use, and maintain. You can quickly and easily access people, tools, and content that you need, regardless of location, based on your own rules and preferences. It can be deployed with no disruption of service and with out on-site interoperability testing.

Unique feature like "voice on intranet" allows to communicate between two IPX system even SIP ports and disable.


It is a multi-function Security Sever that provides a full communication infrastructure for SOHO (Small Office and Home), SMB (Small and Medium Business and Hosted service providers.

It creates a virtual office enabling users to manage meetings and projects, track data and processes and get work done as if you were all in the same location.

The Orionox product unifies different communication channels like "VoIP, PSTN, GTalk (Google Talk)" and enables you to monitor and enforce communication policies.

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