Billing Software

The Orionox Billing System is software that runs on Linux or Windows. The billing system works with Orionox IPX P100, P200, Office, H500, H600, B1000 and IPX S6300. It provides accounting, authorization, and authentication services to VoIP wholesalers and individual end users. The Orionox Billing System is designed for emerging VoIP service providers who use Orionox IPX devices in their VoIP network. Enterprises, hotels, call centers, and other business users can also use the billing system for internal accounting.

Product Highlights

  • Both post-pay accounts and pre-pay accounts can be supported at the same time in the system.
  • Up to 10 different rate plans can co-exist in the system. Different rates can be applied to different customers.
  • Supports wholesalers using T1/E1 trunks, VoIP trunks, or cluster of Orionox IPX devices.
  • Supports individual users using analog phones, IP phones, or calling card accounts (PIN).
  • System automatically generates monthly statements for post-pay accounts.
  • The system administrator web portal is for system customization and for account setup and management.
  • The user web portal is for user to manage and browse his account and call history.

Refer to the "Orionox Billing System User Manual" for detailed descriptions of the system usages and how to build a VoIP service network using Orionox IPX devices.

The "Orionox Billing System" a Windows based full version, can be downloaded for trial.

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